• Movement Class – Saturday June 25th at 11am

    On Saturday June 25th we are excited to have Tim Sotoadeh join us for a special movement class. Starting at 11 am in our lower level MMA gym (unit 116). The class is free for all Team Training and MMA members, $20 for open gym members and $25 dollars for any non-members. Please note, this class will replace our regularly scheduled Team Training and Yoga for June 25th.

    05.11.2016 - Movement Class BW

    Tim has been a student of Ido Portal for over 3 years; he has travelled around Canada, Europe, Singapore and Thailand to attend multiple workshops, including the last 3 movement camps held by Ido Portal and his team. Tim will be teaching what he has learned from studying directly under Ido Portal and his team.

    The goal of this class is to give you a new perspective for your movement practice and to challenge the paradigm of movement that you currently operate in. The world of movement is vast and Tim is not here to pretend to know it all, but to show you a perspective that will push you out of your comfort zone, to challenge assumptions, and to show you why a movement perspective can help you with whether your choice is to specialize in a sport or become a generalist practitioner.

    Please note: Tim is not teaching the Ido Portal Method; only what he has learned studying under him.


    The Generalist vs. The Specialist
    Open vs. Closed Kinetic chains
    Adaptability and Antifragility
    Complexity vs. Linearity

    Mobility work:
    Concepts such as loading joints in a progressive manner to ultimately create adaptable joints throughout the body allowing one to gain mobility and strength through all movement patterns. All joints will be focused on including the neck, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, pelvis and hips, knees, ankles, fingers and toes.

    This is a language developed by Ido Portal. We’ll touch on the very basic elements of this language that Ido has created, which spans over 1200 elements. This includes floor movement work that helps increase mobility, strength in low gait positions, and aerobic training.